Shuffle Queue Feature

My Role: Product Design Intern

My Role: UX Design Intern

Team: 4 Engineers, 1 PM, 1 Designer & Me

Team: Jennifer Jeon and Sarah Zhang

Design Stack: Figma 

Design Stack: Figma

Timeline: 3 Months • Winter 2021

Timeline: 3 Months • Summer 2020


About the Project

Shuffle is a mobile app that allows people to listen and react to their favorite podcasts. As the Product Design Intern, I was responsible for the end-to-end process of the queue feature and iterated on my designs based on feedback from the Product Team.

My key tasks: user research, competitive analysis, wireframing, high fidelity mockups 

The Problem

The Problem

Podcast listeners discover new episodes from the main feed. However, users don't have a direct way to save these podcast episodes to listen to later. Listeners are either going to other podcast apps to utilize their queue feature, saving episodes on their web browser tabs, or using the like button. 

The Project Goal

The Project Goal

The goal is to create a queue feature that allows podcast listeners to save and keep track of the episodes that they would like to listen to next. Listeners can manage their queue list by adding, deleting, and reordering episodes.


The queue feature launched on March 23, 2021!

Curious to see how I got to this solution?

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